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Hi, I'm Jennifer Nations. I am an experienced researcher, communicator, and community organizer. My topical research expertise is in higher education and tax policy and my analytical research expertise is in quantitative and qualitative methods. In particular, I study the formation of public policies, social inequalities, and the equitable redistribution of goods in the United States. This focus was inspired by my personal experiences working in a welfare office prior to graduate school and then qualitative research among low-income students early in my doctoral program. In particular, I want to understand how structural arrangements lead to rule-making about who pays for public services and who benefits. 

Currently, I am a postdoctoral associate with the Scholars Strategy Network and a Visiting Scholar at UC San Diego.

I completed my PhD at UC San Diego in 2017. I was awarded the Dean’s Fellowship Award for Humanistic Studies in recognition of the quality and rigor of my work.